Image Consultants – How They Can Help

In the U.K. you might be familiar with television shows such as Trinny & Susannah’s “What Not to Wear”; Gok Wan’s “How to Look Good Naked” and Nicky Hambleton-Jones’s “Ten Years Younger”. If this is your experience of Image Consultants then you probably think they are a fairly scary bunch or that you need to be at rock bottom in order to approach one. Well, think again.

Image consultants in the main are dedicated to helping you find your style, increase your self esteem and understand your colouring and body shape so you can select the best of fashion for you. Colour Me Beautiful, Europe’s largest Image Consultancy says “It’s not about dictating style to individuals but helping them to create their own look that works for their lifestyle and budget and is easy to maintain”.

So who goes to see an Image Consultant? You may be surprised to learn that they are not celebrities or those who have been forced by family and friends. Clients are those people who recognise that, whatever their profession, image counts and first impressions matter and they see a consultation as an investment in themselves. Or they may be well groomed men and women who feel confused by current fashions or colours and find themselves stuck in a comfort rut but wish for a more updated style. They may have gone through a major change or upheaval in their lives – divorce, bereavement, illness – and be looking to boost their self esteem. Or they may be just ordinary people who would like to know how to make the best of themselves and perhaps – and this applies particularly to the ladies – not just wear safe black all the time!

Another common misconception is that it is hugely expensive to visit an image consultant and therefore it is the preserve of the rich. Well, first of all look in your wardrobe and do a quick calculation of the cost of all the clothes you rarely wear, have never worn or don’t feel good in. Then consider that a colour consultation starts from around £75 and you’ll see that it is not only affordable but could actually save you money.

A typical full image consultation will give you the best colours for your colouring, teach you how to mix and match them, analyse your body shape, give you clothing shape rules and for the ladies teach you how to apply a fresh, modern make up look. There will also be advice on hairstyles, accessories and appropriate dress for your lifestyle. In some cases there may be a personal shopping trip included which ensures you can put all that information into practice and stops you picking up the same old styles when left to your own devices. So who wouldn’t want to spend the day indulging themselves and learning some valuable stuff into the bargain?

So next time you see an immaculately turned out person reflected in a shop window, it could be you!