Being an Offline Consultant Is As Easy As Selling Sea Shells By The Seashore

Remember the old tongue twister “she sells sea shells by the seashore”? I heard someone say that today and for some odd reason it made me think about being an offline consultant. Strange, I know, but bear with me a moment and I’ll explain why.

For the first time ever I considered the odd nature of the tongue twister. Who is this lady making money selling sea shells when anybody can get all they want for free on the sea shore? Does this woman possess some secret knowledge about sea shells that would motivate people to willing give her money?

When you think about it the same could really be said for the service that most offline consultants provide. I don’t mean to devalue your business but it’s true.

Just think about it.

Right now there are more than 900 million users worldwide on Facebook. Isn’t that proof that just about anyone and their grandmother can create a Facebook page? The same is true for setting up a twitter profile or submitting a video to YouTube. Social media is not rocket science.

Yet local business owners hire offline consultants everyday to take care of marketing tasks that they could actually do on their own. As a result you become like the lady who sells seashells by the seashore.

So what makes local business owners gladly hand over their hard earned money for simple marketing jobs that you could probably do in your sleep? In reality, your ability to become a successful offline consultant depends largely upon three main factors.

1. You possess more knowledge on a particular subject and can deliver better results
2. You have more time available to focus on getting a job done better yourself
3. You have more resources to help you get a job done even quicker

That’s it. Your value increases based upon your availability of more knowledge, time or resources. Let’s consider these examples.

Maybe you know some secret to getting a local dentist’s website to outrank the competition on Google. Certainly a busy plumber would be glad to pay you each month to spend a few hours doing social networking if you’re bringing him loads of customers. You can even take either of these jobs and hand them off to your personal resources – a superstar outsource team.

Doesn’t this make being an offline consultant seem easy? The truth is not only is being an offline consultant truly easy… it’s also a win-win situation for local business owners and for your consulting business as well.