Ask an Online Sales Consultant: What Makes a Good Business Website?

A business website is the primary point of contact between a business and Internet users. When the website contains the right design and the right content, it can help a business generate significant revenue, but if it lacks these elements, it can become an obstacle to generating revenue. If your business needs a new website, below are tips for creating a business website that is “sales friendly:”

Easy Navigation

When people surf the web, they expect to find information, or complete a transaction, in a matter of seconds. Consequently, business websites must be designed so that information is easy to attain, and the buying process is easy to understand. If potential customers must click on multiple links to discover information about a product or service, they are likely to abandon the website before they find the information. The same applies to making a purchase.

Simple Buying Process

If potential customers must enter information into multiple fields to make a purchase, the chance that they will complete the purchase diminishes. A common example of requiring too much information can be seen in websites that require customers to enter extensive contact information (phone number, place of business, birthday, etc.) to make a purchase.

If your business needs marketing information for its target audience, request the assistance of a sales consultant that works for a provider of online sales consulting services. Do not attempt to gather extensive information as a part of the sales process.

Designed for Mobile Search Users

Statistics show that seventy percent of cell phone users use their phones for everyday tasks such as surfing the Internet. Therefore, your business should make its websites accessible to mobile users. Using a cell phone to navigate a website that is not designed for mobile access is a cumbersome experience, one that seldom leads to an online purchase.

Complete Information

A business website should contain any information that potential customers may wish to know about what is being sold. It should also contain extensive information about the business. Some businesses make the mistake of thinking the benefits of a product or service are self-evident, or that its identity as a business is not important to what it sells.

Although complete information about your business and what it sells will not matter to all customers, it will be important to customers who carefully examine what they buy and who they buy it from.

Tasteful Design

Taste can be a matter of opinion, but there are certain elements of web design that are in poor taste for business websites. Common examples of design that should not be used for business websites include garish displays of Flash, auto-play music, multiple navigation panes, and clashing colors. Some businesses use these design elements to draw attention to their website, but they usually draw the wrong kind of attention.


Online business success is determined in part by website design. If your business is experiencing difficulty meeting its online sales goals, investing in web development may be the answer. For more information on sales-friendly website design and online marketing strategies, contact a sales consultant that works for a provider of online sales consulting services.