Being an Offline Consultant Is As Easy As Selling Sea Shells By The Seashore

Remember the old tongue twister “she sells sea shells by the seashore”? I heard someone say that today and for some odd reason it made me think about being an offline consultant. Strange, I know, but bear with me a moment and I’ll explain why. For the first time ever I considered the odd nature [...]

What Is a Successful Consultation?

A successful consultation has to have specific outcomes that will be achieved. But before we get to the discussion of what these should be, both the patient and the office have to be prepared for the interaction. The patient gets prepared by investigating the office, investigating the practitioner and checking the credentials, certificates, reputation and [...]

Helpful Tips for Internet Marketing Consultants

Anyone who is serious about his craft should keep learning about it. And whether you are one of the seasoned Internet marketing consultants or if you are someone who is new to it, there are things that you have to know and keep updating yourself with in order to be on top of your game. [...]

Ask an Online Sales Consultant: What Makes a Good Business Website?

A business website is the primary point of contact between a business and Internet users. When the website contains the right design and the right content, it can help a business generate significant revenue, but if it lacks these elements, it can become an obstacle to generating revenue. If your business needs a new website, [...]

How Sales And Marketing Consultancy Works For Small Businesses

Providing an excellent product or service is characteristic of every small business striving to expand its sphere of influence in the industry to which it belongs. This shows that giving quality is not a challenge to their owners. Rather, arriving at the right advertising strategy to make their brand seen by more people is their [...]