Being an Offline Consultant Is As Easy As Selling Sea Shells By The Seashore

Remember the old tongue twister “she sells sea shells by the seashore”? I heard someone say that today and for some odd reason it made me think about being an offline consultant. Strange, I know, but bear with me a moment and I’ll explain why.

For the first time ever I considered the odd nature of the tongue twister. Who is this lady making money selling sea shells when anybody can get all they want for free on the sea shore? Does this woman possess some secret knowledge about sea shells that would motivate people to willing give her money?

When you think about it the same could really be said for the service that most offline consultants provide. I don’t mean to devalue your business but it’s true.

Just think about it.

Right now there are more than 900 million users worldwide on Facebook. Isn’t that proof that just about anyone and their grandmother can create a Facebook page? The same is true for setting up a twitter profile or submitting a video to YouTube. Social media is not rocket science.

Yet local business owners hire offline consultants everyday to take care of marketing tasks that they could actually do on their own. As a result you become like the lady who sells seashells by the seashore.

So what makes local business owners gladly hand over their hard earned money for simple marketing jobs that you could probably do in your sleep? In reality, your ability to become a successful offline consultant depends largely upon three main factors.

1. You possess more knowledge on a particular subject and can deliver better results
2. You have more time available to focus on getting a job done better yourself
3. You have more resources to help you get a job done even quicker

That’s it. Your value increases based upon your availability of more knowledge, time or resources. Let’s consider these examples.

Maybe you know some secret to getting a local dentist’s website to outrank the competition on Google. Certainly a busy plumber would be glad to pay you each month to spend a few hours doing social networking if you’re bringing him loads of customers. You can even take either of these jobs and hand them off to your personal resources – a superstar outsource team.

Doesn’t this make being an offline consultant seem easy? The truth is not only is being an offline consultant truly easy… it’s also a win-win situation for local business owners and for your consulting business as well.

What Is a Successful Consultation?

A successful consultation has to have specific outcomes that will be achieved. But before we get to the discussion of what these should be, both the patient and the office have to be prepared for the interaction.

The patient gets prepared by investigating the office, investigating the practitioner and checking the credentials, certificates, reputation and the experience, and preparing question they want to cover during the visit.

The office should be ready for the consultation by blocking the appropriate amount of time (sometimes a real challenge) and being able to provide the patient with answers to all the questions they have. Some of the questions the patients may not be aware of their presence because they are in the back of their mind not in the forefront.

What are some of the questions patients have during the consultation?

The number one question a patient has is “Can you give me what I want?” This implies that the patient comes with a clear idea as to what they want to achieve. If it’s not clear, then at the end of the consultation that expectation should be clarified.

The next question that is in the mind of everybody is” how is the procedure done?”

This is covered in detail by the surgeon.

The next is what is involved in terms of preparation, healing time, return to work, return to normal activities return to exercise and active lifestyle.

The next question is what risks am I taking? What are the possible complications, and how are they dealt with?

How much pain involved the procedure?

Will I need any kind of specialized help during my recovery?

What is the cost, and can I afford it? Are there financing options?

And lastly one of the more important questions is: do I like the Dr, do I trust him does he care about me? Am I comfortable with this office setup? And do I believe they can provide me with what I want.

Communication is fundamental into achieving this goal.

After the consultation patients usually go home and think about it. If and when they are ready to move to the next step they would call the office and try to pickup a tentative date for the surgical procedure.

Another office visit will be required in the week before the surgery to go over the procedure one more time, clarify any point that may or may not have been fully covered during the consultation. Information regarding the preparation for the procedure, prescriptions and the overall reevaluation of the whole process will occur during this very important pre-op visit.

Helpful Tips for Internet Marketing Consultants

Anyone who is serious about his craft should keep learning about it. And whether you are one of the seasoned Internet marketing consultants or if you are someone who is new to it, there are things that you have to know and keep updating yourself with in order to be on top of your game. In this article, I am going to give you some tips in order for you to be better at what you do.

Take note of trends

Successful Internet marketing consultants always keep track of new and existing trends. This is because in order to be good at what you do, you must understand your market very well. Remember that in marketing, you are targeting a lot of people. So you must know what is popular, what is greatly liked and admired by the public, what they do not like, what are trending even in a social networking site like Twitter, and others. You have to keep a close eye around you and what is happening there. Take note of changes and behaviors.

Be updated on the latest products, software, programs

Another tip for Internet marketing consultants is to be updated on new stuff that is going around. If possible, it would be tremendously better if you can get your hands on what are coming out early. That way you would be on top of whatever is going on, whatever is new, whatever is the latest. This way you can also test stuff early on and be knowledgeable. If you want to be among the successful Internet marketing consultants, what you know is very important. You have to know a great deal about your field.

Heed what people say

Have reliable people whom you can watch and learn from. You can tell that a person is reliable or is very knowledgeable because of how effective he is in what he is doing. Have a few people whom you can consider your teachers. The truth is that you can’t learn everything on your own. There are things that you fail to notice. You need the help of other people to complete your understanding of things and so that you would not get a one sided set of opinions and decisions. Also, there are several people in the industry who are really good at what they do. Observe their decisions and watch how they go about things.


If you want to be among the successful Internet marketing consultants, you have to continuously do your research. Do not be contented in knowing the superficial in things. Dig deeper. That way you will be able to make sound decisions that will not only be beneficial for a short span of time but will be one that will last long. It is important that you do not slacken off in your efforts to know. Instead, as you spend more and more time in this industry, strive to know more. Of course this does not mean that you bury your nose in books all the time. Learn from what is going around you as well.

Ask an Online Sales Consultant: What Makes a Good Business Website?

A business website is the primary point of contact between a business and Internet users. When the website contains the right design and the right content, it can help a business generate significant revenue, but if it lacks these elements, it can become an obstacle to generating revenue. If your business needs a new website, below are tips for creating a business website that is “sales friendly:”

Easy Navigation

When people surf the web, they expect to find information, or complete a transaction, in a matter of seconds. Consequently, business websites must be designed so that information is easy to attain, and the buying process is easy to understand. If potential customers must click on multiple links to discover information about a product or service, they are likely to abandon the website before they find the information. The same applies to making a purchase.

Simple Buying Process

If potential customers must enter information into multiple fields to make a purchase, the chance that they will complete the purchase diminishes. A common example of requiring too much information can be seen in websites that require customers to enter extensive contact information (phone number, place of business, birthday, etc.) to make a purchase.

If your business needs marketing information for its target audience, request the assistance of a sales consultant that works for a provider of online sales consulting services. Do not attempt to gather extensive information as a part of the sales process.

Designed for Mobile Search Users

Statistics show that seventy percent of cell phone users use their phones for everyday tasks such as surfing the Internet. Therefore, your business should make its websites accessible to mobile users. Using a cell phone to navigate a website that is not designed for mobile access is a cumbersome experience, one that seldom leads to an online purchase.

Complete Information

A business website should contain any information that potential customers may wish to know about what is being sold. It should also contain extensive information about the business. Some businesses make the mistake of thinking the benefits of a product or service are self-evident, or that its identity as a business is not important to what it sells.

Although complete information about your business and what it sells will not matter to all customers, it will be important to customers who carefully examine what they buy and who they buy it from.

Tasteful Design

Taste can be a matter of opinion, but there are certain elements of web design that are in poor taste for business websites. Common examples of design that should not be used for business websites include garish displays of Flash, auto-play music, multiple navigation panes, and clashing colors. Some businesses use these design elements to draw attention to their website, but they usually draw the wrong kind of attention.


Online business success is determined in part by website design. If your business is experiencing difficulty meeting its online sales goals, investing in web development may be the answer. For more information on sales-friendly website design and online marketing strategies, contact a sales consultant that works for a provider of online sales consulting services.

How Sales And Marketing Consultancy Works For Small Businesses

Providing an excellent product or service is characteristic of every small business striving to expand its sphere of influence in the industry to which it belongs. This shows that giving quality is not a challenge to their owners. Rather, arriving at the right advertising strategy to make their brand seen by more people is their bigger obstacle to them. Here is where the importance of sales and marketing consultancy sets in.

Now, you might ask how such a process works exactly. The succeeding ideas will explain the order to which each step of this practice is carried out to your business’ advantage. A thorough evaluation of the current promotional strategies that you use is the beginning of everything. This means your website and its statistics will also be assessed to see how it fairs against your competition.

Afterwards, your product or service will be examined along with your business objectives. With the important points of improvement that were derived from the evaluation of your current promotional strategies, new techniques will be developed. These shall cover the packaging, pricing, advertising, distribution, and selling of your products or services. Sales and marketing consultancy will make these work together in order to reach your specific target audience.

Your website is your means of communication to your audience. More often than not, it is subject to reformation especially when it fails to carry out its purpose at all. Nowadays, to have a competitive website means it overflows with fresh content and attention-grabbing details. How is that done? By simply including related images and videos that are interesting. This shall hook online users to your domain and more ready to what you are to offer them.

To get your target audience more engaged in your brand, setting up blogs are advised by most marketing consultant firms. This enables your pool of contacts to widen. As you fill your blog with updates regarding your products or services, more people will be drawn to it and leave some meaningful comments which could be of use to your brand improvement.

When it comes to acquiring a targeted audience to your website who could be potential buyers, use of the appropriate keywords in optimizing all your web pages, titles, descriptions, images and videos is a must. It can keep your website ranking high in the search results pages. As we all know most web users, tend to click on the links that dominate the top spots.

These are just a few of the specific ways of how sales and marketing consultancy can lead your business to path of success. However, this only comes with the opportunity of hiring reliable marketing consultants who can really help you when it comes to understanding consumer behavior and analysis of the latest promotional trends in your industry. Research online for the best three firms. Compare their individual experiences, services, packages and prices before you decide which among them you should hire. Remember to choose the one that can provide for your needs with consideration to the budget you have at hand.

Can You Succeed As An Arbonne Consultant?

Can you succeed as an Arbonne consultant? You betcha. Arbonne is a great company, in my opinion. And they have great skin care products. What I’m going to share with you are some tips that’ll show you how you can succeed as an Arbonne consultant.

Arbonne Success Tip #1:

The first tip that’ll help you succeed as an Arbonne consultant is pretty basic. It’s your willingness to work hard. I know that’s straightward. But here me out. Your willingness to work hard will weigh heavily on whether or not you succeed in Arbonne. If you’re only working your business as a hobby, then it may or may not grow. But if you’re serious about growing your business, it’ll grow into a successful business if you put in the time.

What you should do is set aside some time each day to work your business. If it’s only 1 hour a day that you can spare, do it. You have to be consistent and persistent. And by doing this, you’ll see yourself begin to succeed in Arbonne.

Arbonne Success Tip #2:

The next thing you should do in order to succeed as an Arbonne consultant is to understand the benefits of your skin care products. By really understanding your products, you’ll be able to find and attract people who actually wants your products. Not everyone will want to buy your products, that’s why it’s important to understand the benefits.

This will make it easy to succeed as an Arbonne consultant. You’ll have people approaching you, asking if they can buy products and join you in your business. When this happens, you’ll grow your Arbonne business consistently. And it’ll help you keep your retention rate high.

Arbonne Success Tip #3:

The third tip that’ll help you succeed as an Arbonne consultant is to track your business activities. If you’re passing out samples, business cards, or doing presentations, track those activities. If you’re passing out samples, track how much money you spent and how many people you gave it to. Then, track how many people called you and how many joined you in your Arbonne business.

This will help you see whether or not your activities are profitable. If they’re not, try something else. Don’t keep wasting time and money on activities that don’t work. When you’re able to see what works, you can continue doing it, while showing your downline. This will help you two-fold. One, you’ll continue to grow your Arbonne business. And two, you’re downline will be growing theirs.

This will make it easy for you to succeed as an Arbonne consultant.

Use these tips to help you succeed in Arbonne. I have no doubt that you’ll succeed in this business. Just stay on track and watch how your business begins to grow.

This article can be freely published on a website as long as it is not modified in any way including the author bylines and active hyperlinks.

Why Businesses Must Consider Hiring A Safety Consultant Today

To ensure that your business remains competitive, you have to provide a safe work environment for your employees. Safety and training programs can help ensure a safe workplace but it is not enough since it is very impossible to predict as well as control 100%. With this, it has become a necessity for businesses today to hire a safety consultant who can take a look at your company policies, accident prevention programs, training, and other crucial issues that might be helpful to your company and type of industry.

You must know that these professional consultants regularly attend seminars as well as meet with industry regulatory agencies. In general, they are ahead of the curve when it comes to safety and training in their field of expertise. When it comes to searching for the best service provider, consider asking referrals from your trusted family and friends. It is very crucial for you to choose only the best as you are entrusting the well-being and lives of your employees to such professional. You really have to take time in order to make a well-informed and healthy decision.

Some Benefits Of Hiring A Safety Consultant

· Training are available for employees whenever required

· It will significantly reduce overhead costs

· Services are likewise available either as needed or perhaps as specified in the contract

· Updated safety regulations

· There are annual service contracts for better savings

· You can set-up as well as check necessary paperwork for construction subs on the worksite

Indeed, consultants are the best professionals to turn into when it comes to ensuring the safety of the job sites. No wonder, more and more businesses today get help from these professionals. Consultation indeed offers great help in identifying hazards in the workplace as well as in establishing or perhaps improving health and safety management systems.

Different Services Offered By Consultation

· It can greatly help in recognizing hazards in the job site.

· Consultants can provide you with approaches or options in terms of solving a safety or health problem.

· You will receive written reports summarizing the findings of on-site reviews of health and safety.

· You will be guided in developing or maintaining an efficient safety and health management system.

· You and your employees will receive necessary training and education in the workplace or even away from the worksite.

Consultation certainly provides several benefits. And these will include recognizing and removing hazards from the work environment, preventing loss of life in the workplace, improving employee morale, protecting employer’s workers from any illness or injury, and cultivating informed and alert employees who will be responsible for their own and their coworker’s safety. For more info, check out this site.

The Importance Of Safety Management Plans And Health Consultants

Owning a business can provide you with the benefits you need, from having better profit, making your future more stable and even improving your lifestyle. With this said, owning a business can be a dream come true. However, as an owner, you need to be knowledgeable about the essential needs of your business such as better facilities, improved services and more effective products. You also need to be sure that you can make your work area safer for your workers. In order to make your ventures better, you need to look for reliable health and safety consultants who can help you create better safety management plans.

How can these management plans and consultants help you?

Help secure your work area

Health and safety consultants are experts in safety. Therefore, you can be sure that your work areas are safer. For instance, workers can reduce unwanted accidents in their work area during their work. This will allow them to perform properly without thinking about risks that can affect their lifestyle. By making work areas more secured, you can make your business more efficient and productive.

Promote safety for your workers

These consultants can also help workers learn more about safety in the work areas. By improving their knowledge, they can improve their tasks and make it safer. Workers can also have better work habits and behaviour, which can help businesses to make their ventures easier. This can also benefit your business since you can get rid of problems like compensations and lawsuits.

Get rid of hazards and other business problems

Other than accidents caused by machine and equipment failure or accidents due to negligence and improper work habits, there are other problems that you may encounter in the future such as natural catastrophes. With the help of consultants, business owners can make better decisions with regard to improving equipment or renovating the work area to make it sturdier and better.

Help deal with legal documentations

Lastly, health and safety consultants can help you with regard to your legal documentations. This is needed by all businesses since government properties present laws and regulations about businesses. With these consultants, you can be sure that you can abide by the rules and regulations that can make your business more reputable.

With all these advantages, business owners can make sure that their investments are safe. They are also sure that their work areas and workers are far from danger in order to make their business functions more efficient. Click here for more.

Retirement Planning Consultant – Are They Really That Important?

After hearing out some advises of your fellow retirees about your retirement plan I guess now you have the idea of applying one for yourself. Always remember the earlier you have it the better. We cannot deny that after all research you’re still confused of what to do. I guess you have an idea but you just want to make sure it would be a successful and efficient one. So now you will be hiring your own retirement planning consultant.

Others may have said it that they are just a waste of time and money because all you have to learn is already in books and most probably in the articles of the world-wide-web. Well of course this is someone true to others who experienced a very bad thing during the days when they are with their consultants. Consultants any way are people or person whom you could tell your plans with when it comes to your retirement plan. They are the ones who will listen to you and shares with you the dos and don’ts of having a retirement plan. They are the ones also who will sit to it that you are on the right track when your retirement period comes. They are the ones who will guide you through and explain to you the in depth matters about having a retirement plan.

Others may opt to say that they are expensive because you will have to pay for their service ones they will start working with you but just try to think of it. It’s better to loose a couple thousands of money for your consultant rather losing your whole money or investment into nothing. The sacrifices that you will going to make will just last for a several period of years but the agony that you will have to face once the plan will be damaged is worth a lifetime. So come to think of it or better pay regrets in the end.

Retirement planning consultant is just your road map for your success in your investments the whole process and steps that you will be going to take will depend upon you. Consultants are not literally those people who are being paid for your guidance. You can consider your friends and family or even your relatives when it comes to this especially to those who have past experiences about this kind of plan. Maybe they can guide you even through small hints or points that can be also useful in the future so better accept all the ideas that they have in mind for you.

There are other companies that offer you a free retirement planning consultant as you go on the way. This is somewhat kind of freebies that they will offer to there customers so go and grab it but before you grab this opportunity you’d better have your own plan ahead. Maybe a few notes or a few lists of things that must be done into your retirement plan.

You can also search the internet about a retirement planning consultant in order for you to start right away. You can also ask someone that had undergone with a certain planner then ask if he or she was good with the previous plan. You can search for thousands of articles online in order for you to be guided also. Having a retirement planning consultant is always a better choice for you to be on the right direction and for you to have the success in your future years.

Image Consultants – How They Can Help

In the U.K. you might be familiar with television shows such as Trinny & Susannah’s “What Not to Wear”; Gok Wan’s “How to Look Good Naked” and Nicky Hambleton-Jones’s “Ten Years Younger”. If this is your experience of Image Consultants then you probably think they are a fairly scary bunch or that you need to be at rock bottom in order to approach one. Well, think again.

Image consultants in the main are dedicated to helping you find your style, increase your self esteem and understand your colouring and body shape so you can select the best of fashion for you. Colour Me Beautiful, Europe’s largest Image Consultancy says “It’s not about dictating style to individuals but helping them to create their own look that works for their lifestyle and budget and is easy to maintain”.

So who goes to see an Image Consultant? You may be surprised to learn that they are not celebrities or those who have been forced by family and friends. Clients are those people who recognise that, whatever their profession, image counts and first impressions matter and they see a consultation as an investment in themselves. Or they may be well groomed men and women who feel confused by current fashions or colours and find themselves stuck in a comfort rut but wish for a more updated style. They may have gone through a major change or upheaval in their lives – divorce, bereavement, illness – and be looking to boost their self esteem. Or they may be just ordinary people who would like to know how to make the best of themselves and perhaps – and this applies particularly to the ladies – not just wear safe black all the time!

Another common misconception is that it is hugely expensive to visit an image consultant and therefore it is the preserve of the rich. Well, first of all look in your wardrobe and do a quick calculation of the cost of all the clothes you rarely wear, have never worn or don’t feel good in. Then consider that a colour consultation starts from around £75 and you’ll see that it is not only affordable but could actually save you money.

A typical full image consultation will give you the best colours for your colouring, teach you how to mix and match them, analyse your body shape, give you clothing shape rules and for the ladies teach you how to apply a fresh, modern make up look. There will also be advice on hairstyles, accessories and appropriate dress for your lifestyle. In some cases there may be a personal shopping trip included which ensures you can put all that information into practice and stops you picking up the same old styles when left to your own devices. So who wouldn’t want to spend the day indulging themselves and learning some valuable stuff into the bargain?

So next time you see an immaculately turned out person reflected in a shop window, it could be you!